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Three Marketiers provides creative, innovative, and strategic marketing solutions to assist our Chicago area clients with the growth of their business. 3M specializes in industry magazines, marketing campaigns, specialty products and advertising design. Providing high-quality promotional and specialty products at low cost, our Advertising Specialty line includes calendars and planners, embroidery and screening on hats, shirts and sweatshirts, and such logo items as golf accessories, water bottles, duffle bags, pens, signs, magnets, decals and trade show giveaways. We will carry out your orders or guide you and counsel you to choose the items that best serve your interests and your corporate ID. With more than 20 years experience, state-of-the-art product search tools and an in-house graphics team, count on Three Marketiers to get you what you need when you need it.


Recent Articles

Promotional Item and Advertising Specialty Strategies

Successful companies use Promotional items and Advertising Specialties as part of their marketing strategies to help promote their business. Depending on the goal of your promotional plan, whether it involves trade show giveaways, calendars, corporate gifts, apparel, golf items, magnets or other logo items and ad specialties, companies can accomplish their goals and reach their target audiences with the right items imprinted with the company logo, message, goods and services and contact information. read more...

Promotional Products: A Cost-Effective Way to Build Brand Awareness

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get your brand or business into the consciousness of your target customers or market, promotional products are a low-cost, efficient way to precisely direct your company message, goods and services, locations and contact information where the material does the most good.
Promotional products are items are a “must” in today’s world of marketing your products.  Also called Specialty Items or Ad Marketing Items, Promotional products present a company name, brand, logo, message, products and/or contact information. Most often, these products are either handed to, mailed to, shipped to or displayed and picked up by prospective and existing customers. read more...

Using Specialty Advertising to build your business

Using your logo to reach target audiences and carry your message to the public is a sound way to utilize your corporate ID and reach potential customers. Placing your logo, product line, corporate slogan, advertising message, website and contact information on such useful items as calendars, t-shirts, hats, pens, coffee mugs, water bottles, note pads, mouse pads, totes or golf accessories and then giving these items away to your target customers and clients is called specialty advertising on promotional products. read more...

Make Specialty Advertising an integral part of your marketing strategy

In advertising and marketing, a combination of strategies is necessary for companies to gain customer attention and to make those targets aware of specific products, goods or services. These strategies are used to trigger the customer to make that call and place that order.

Those strategies most often include print through newspapers, magazines and direct mail campaigns; electronic advertising though television, radio and the internet; sponsorships; outdoor signs and billboards; signage at events and on buses and public transportation, and in various promotional thrusts and public relations operations. read more...

Specialty Advertising Targets Your Audience

Specialty advertising by use of promotional products is achieved by handing out, mailing or allowing customers and potential customers any number of items on which the advertiser has  imprinted the name of a product, place of business, slogan, contact information, web site or product line. Among the most frequently utilized items for specialty advertising are pens, key chains, calendars, coffee cups, caps, T-shirts, drinkware, bags and totes, office items, calendars and golf accessories. These and other small items that are given to members of a target audience allow a company to place its logo, slogan, or name before a customer multiple times. read more

  Smart Use of Promotional and Specialty Products to Increase Sales

Many of the most successful companies in business today are turning to expended use of Specialty and Promotional Products to fuel growth. Just as with any marketing strategy, the mere use of custom and logo-emblazoned items such as promotional giveaways, trade show items, T-shirts, caps, pens, calendars, bags, totes and specialized items is not a guaranteed sales-getter. Simple distribution does not automatically garner new customers and increased profits. Employing a Promotional and Specialty items strategy as a tool along with your other marketing approaches is a smarter approach, as is smartly targeting your audience. read more

Trends in Promotional Products

Specialty advertising enables customers and prospects to get familiar with the business name. They will have your brand in mind and often, the product you choose to give to your targets is just as important as getting your name in front of them.

By using specialty items that are more connected to your company and brand, you can offer prospects and customers a more personalized remembrance of your business. This is a subtle way of communicating brand benefits without necessarily having to offer a lot of words or more